Pro @ctive Media is a new Film Production service provider based in the High Desert (Antelope Valley) area of LA County.

We offer a variety of professional services to Producers and Production Companies that come up to the AV to shoot a project.

Though our company is new, most of the members of our Team have been working in the Film Industry for many years… (our most senior member being active in production since 1980)… thus we’ve got the knowledge and experience to help any size Production that comes our way.

With hundreds of Films, TV shows and over 1,000 TV commercials under our collective belts, we’ve seen it all… from Still Shoots for print ads to major Studio Feature Film projects… and have been intimately involved in the “behind the scenes” of countless live action Film & TV productions.

We’ve lived up here for years (commuting into LA) and aside from all of our years of working on Productions inside the Zone, we really know our way around the AV and we’re glad to pass our insight on to you.  So if we can help you out in anyway, let us know.

Here’s a partial list of some of the Studios, Production Companies and TV commercials we’ve worked on over the years. (click here)


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